Photograph: Alba Rodríguez

Mònica Batet is a fiction writer. She studied Catalan Philology at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and writes in Catalan. She has written five novels and a collection of short stories, receiving the Premi Just Manuel Casero award in 2005 for her first novel, L’habitació grisa (Ed. Empúries, 2006).  Her second novel, published in 2012, No et miris el Riu (Ed. Meteora, 2012), was a finalist for the Crexells award and, in 2017, she was selected as a writer in residence by Art Omi-Ledig House International Writers Residency (New York) to work on her fifth novel Nou illes al nord (Més Llibres, 2019). This fifth novel received the Nollegiu Prize. Some of her short stories have been translated into English, Polish and Spanish.